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Laurie Wonfor-Nolan

If you don’t take risks, you’ll never grow.... that’s true in painting and life.

Take chances, trust your intuition, be willing to fail and enjoy the process... that’s when you make your best and most honest work. <more>

Blue Cow Professional Photography

BlueCow Professional Photography was launched in 2006 by photographer Bob Nolan, setting up the business where he has lived for the past 18 years, in Cambridge, Ontario. Gaining experience from shooting in many of the major photographic studios within the GTA, Bob became very proficient at shooting many of the genres which large studios are able to take on as their photographic projects.  A nine year period involved with  A&P Canada Co. shooting their weekly flyers and instore banners and promotional materials allowed Bob to hone the expertise and the skills required for achieving delectable and tantalizing photo images for the food & beverage industry’s highest standards. <more>
Graham Forsythe
Graham Forsythe was born in Ireland and immigrated to Canada where he earned citizenship in 1970. After attaining a BA degree from the University of Guelph he began to write short stories and psychological thrillers. As a young adult Forsythe traveled extensively, from the South Pacific to the Queen Charlottes, tapping into various adventures and experiences. However, it was not until he received an operation correcting his blurred, shadowy vision in 1991 that he could fully appreciate his surroundings and begin to paint. Recording all that had suddenly become visible to him — shapes, spaces and colors — seemed like a necessary and logical step. <more>